Junio 2016
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24 Jun 2016 

4 Video Marketing Tips For Healthcare Marketers

With traditional television viewing in steep decline among most demographics , many marketers are tempted to say that we've entered completely uncharted media consumption waters. It's not just the number of people who are watching videos that's important - it's the reasons why they watch it. When you post an online marketing video to a business website, you've got a great chance of engaging with a busy executive who is specifically looking for your services but might not have reached out to schedule a meeting for a presentation.

Socialbakers recently pointed out that by posting a video directly on Facebook, you can achieve roughly 8.7% of organic reach. Creating video how-tos will extend your knowledge and reach beyond your blog to folks who prefer to learn in different ways. YouTube marketing revolves around trying to attract as many visitors as you can to your video. However, you should make sure that you weave in the benefits of your product on your video script. Detailed analytics about online videos helps marketers and determine which content, offers and locations are most effective for their video marketing initiatives. The ultimate length for a B2B marketing video should be between 60 and 90 seconds.

Especially given the mainstream media success that paralleled/fueled the viral success of Virgin's new Safety Dance" video, these videos can function as more than just a one-channel means of marketing. One of the big reasons to use video is to connect with people on a personal level so that Whiteboardvideo way you strengthen you bond… and emotions are typically the way to do this.

As the research and purchase patterns of B2B buyers intersect more regularly with B2C patterns, it's not surprising that their marketing strategies are also aligning. Well, there was never a dearth of creative video makers in the world but accessible hardware was always a cause of concern till a few years ago. Even if you're not in a similarly advantageous position, your business can still use social video for brand awareness.

The last few paragraphs illustrate the importance of video marketing in the world of online business. In addition to length, the types of video you choose to create will depend on your messaging and your goals. A video that works on Facebook may need a serious edit before it can work on Instagram. Looking further into the data we see that the average number of internet users who watch video each day has reached 100 million.

I'm not talking about using the YouTube video and promoting on Facebook; I'm talking about uploading the video natively to Facebook so that it stays in your Facebook page's video content library. That's where video analytics comes in. Detailed video analytics will tell you who's watching your video, how long they stay engaged and exactly where they click away. I believe the best video marketing strategy for 2016 is to create content that is useful to the target audience your business is trying to attract.
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24 Jun 2016 

Capital Gains Tax Allowances And Rates

There are broadly speaking two main ways that you could structure your investment into a company. The cost basis of stocks and bonds is normally the purchase price of the security plus any costs or fees associated with the purchase, such as brokerage commissions. However I am not interested in carrying forward the loss and feel that I should forego it. I want to therefore file only ITR1 and report the LTCG (which as explained by you is Tax exempt) in EI column. When the asset has been held for a shorter period than that defined as long term, the capital gain is deemed to be a short term gain. Taxable income often includes more than just interest - Witness the XBB tax breakdown, which shows everything but dividends - interest, aka other income in tax parlance, capital gains, return of capital.

I have made a short term capital Gain on sale of Mutual Fund to the tune of Rs.9600/- and Rs. #50/- on sale of Sale of Share on NSE share , i am a salaried employee and regularly pay tax through TDS by my company. Only the cost of construction of proposed building allotted to the assessee in the ultimately constructed area and not the market value of such share of constructed area, has to be reckoned as consideration for the purpose of computation of capital gains.

Long-term assets are owned for more than 12 months, and qualify for taxation at favorable capital gains tax rates. Let's talk about capital gains taxes - what they are, how they work and why exactly you should care about them. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 caused the IRS to introduce Form 8949, Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets, and to introduce radical changes to Form 1099-B.

Pls tell me by investing in such property whether i can claim exemption under Long Term Capital Gain tax law or not If yes under which section and is there any case law to support me. Capital Assets are the assets which can be held by a person for examples Mutual Funds(Equity, Debt), Real Estate , Shares ,Gold, Fixed Maturity Plan(FMP) , Fixed returns Instruments such as Fixed Deposit.

Any gains/loss arising out More details of sale of such asset is treated as long term capital gain. If minimize capital gains you sell any capital asset (like a house property), a capital gains tax liability can arise on the same. For calculating the long tern capital gain, indexation of cost of acquisition and improvement is to be made. Companies: Capital gains are taxed like any other income gain, that means between 25% to 30% depending on whether a company is small or big.
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09 Jun 2016 

Staying Motivated To Work Out At Home

The decision to lose weight or start to exercise usually begins with the fact that you do not like what you see in the mirror and it motivates you to do something about it. You start out on the right foot and stick to healthy eating and exercise, but then something happens and you fall behind or stop all together. We produce eight issues a year, packed with the latest expert health, psychology, beauty, food and fitness stories - everything you need to live a healthier life. Eat healthy: Regardless of whether you are working out or not, eating a healthy diet will help you stay motivated. Music is great for running or simply working out - the beat and rhythm gives you something to stay in time with, the lyrics keep you distracted and give you a clear thing to focus on, and its fun.

Now, for me that meant I'd get to work at 4:30 or sometimes 5:00 in the morning and would train people at the latest til 11:00 AM. I just found through experience that those who scheduled workouts in the afternoon or in the evening were much more likely to skip their workout, to cancel, or to come much less energetic, believe it or not. Healthy eating is almost as important a getting regular exercise; there is no point eating a load of junk food and hoping to get slim whilst working out the next day. According to Stein, her exercise buddy wouldn't let her stay depressed and inactive. Have water, a towel and music or audiobooks ready to help you power through your workout.

The following list of reasons to stay motivated are emotional triggers that can help you remember why you wanted to do this in the first place. Here are a few things I do to keep myself working out and keep myself on track to hit my fitness goals. Sign up for a race , competition, or fitness-y vacation like a hiking or bike trip in January or February so you have a good reason (and plenty of motivation) to stay in shape over the holidays. You won't get to keep the money you earn to give, save, and spend" as you desire and you'll never rise above the norm". Plus, you get to catch up with your friend and cheer on each other's accomplishments.

More than 80 percent of people who lose weight eventually gain it back, according to a study by the University of California, Los Angeles, and that means you need a no-quit plan that will keep you inspired for life. Whether it's on iTunes, Spotify or another music programme, creating the perfect playlist will give you the motivation to get up and get moving while listening to it. Listening to the right upbeat music while working out has also been suggested to increase the length of your workout!

Not only that, but you start to inspire and motivate others, and there's something amazing about that - you become much more motivated too. This is going to help make you accountable and it will also motivate you to work out because doing it with someone else is usually a lot more fun than going at it alone. Today I'm going to share some TIPS that have motivated me to stay on track for 68 weeks and counting! A fitness woman will need to stay motivated over time and continue to keep her workout time on top of her priority list.

The more realistic your workout regimen, and the better it works for you, the more likely you are to stick with it. People who get this kind of online support are proven to lose three times more weight than people going it alone. Things which help with this is listening to the same music each time (make sure you choose your playlist well), having everything at hand, minimizing distractions and immersing yourself in the workout for a brief, but intense period of time. Procrastination - or any kinds of distractions - can have a negative influence on your ability to get motivated to study in general.

To keep your motivation levels up, make sure you spend time each day imagining what it's going to be like when you finally reach your fitness goals, the steps it's going to take and most importantly, how you were able to overcome setbacks easily. Seeing others coming in and out in their fitness gear will get you pumped to join in. If you write it down every day, it'll be on your mind stay motivated to workout every day and you'll be more motivated to keep it going.
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05 Jun 2016 

Cell Phone Lookup

If you receive on your phone persistent calls from unidentified people, from marketers, from pranksters, from a harasser or from any other kind of unwanted caller, and the calls are being made from a cell phone, you'll have a lot of trouble trying to get a cell phone number look up to find out the callers identity. All you need is the 10 digit cell phone number and the directory to perform the cell phone number reverse look up ( ). You can access our accurate database of phone numbers and carriers in real time to obtain vital information about your prospects. It is free to search, make a background check of company or people you are dealing with. Basically, for a very small payment there are a small number of sites which gives all to you of the info that you need.

Administrator function: you will find the online account manager of great help in turning features on and off and also to create voice mail accounts for all your lines that are separate in your home. Reading the blog lookup cell phone number I found that the services offered is most likely with the Both are providing reverse phone lookup service and had a partner site that helps the site in searching the contact numbers precise details. Cell phone GEO tracking info and software and related services available on the Internet for cheap.

There are companies, which purchase access to such databases from various cell phone companies and compile results into a single huge database containing up-to-date information on almost all cell phone numbers in the USA. That makes phone numbers and user information harder to access and turn into a searchable online database. Unlike many other reverse cell phone lookup services and software, this one is not only trusted by thousands of users.

Check if your prospective date has a criminal record through stringent background checks conducted by such Web sites using the telephone number of that person. The listing of reasons is significantly longer than that, but these are a few of the fundamental driving factors causing people attempting to follow a cell phone number. It was not long ago that you only cannot locate any information with regard to the owner of a number in the event the number was possessed by a mobile carrier.

Many people use a reverse cell phone lookup for many different reasons and they range from simple curiosity to severe danger. For example, it never occurs to most of us that a simple Google search of the number you are trying to track down might be sufficient for your purpose. These services are decent for finding info on land line phone numbers, but they are worthless for unlisted callers or cell phone numbers. Yet another less-known use of the Reverse Phone Detective is uncovering deception within relationships. You can do this with any phone number, not lookup numbers just those that you find on your phone bill. Just use them one by one until you find the exact identity behind a phone number.

Flag numbers from carriers associated with fraud and apply additional identity checks, like validating a user with a security code sent to their phone. A quality site will charge you a one off fee to join their site, when you have paid your fee you can search as many times as you want within our database. I'm not able to use it. as soon as i click on search button it opens up a user name & password dialog.

Cell phone numbers with the national Do Not Call registry) grew out of a misunderstanding about the proposed creation of a wireless directory assistance service. If you are a heavy user and need it in your work as an investigator, law enforcer, legal associate, or as a HR staff, then the unlimited phone searches option is more worthwhile. That said, the best way to look up someone based on a phone number right now is Facebook.
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